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Google Analytics set up management

The first and best thing about Google Analytics is "IT'S FREE", yes that's right Google Analytics is a free to use service provided by Google to allow you to track your website visitors, referrals, traffic sources, content, time on site and many many more features.

MCB Creations provides a service where we can set up your website and insert the script coding to allow you to use the FREE Google Analytics system. It's a simple process where we add the script provided by Google into every website page to allow Google Analytics to track your website. Once inserted you can self manage your Google account from the account settings.

Google Analytics provides detailed information including:

Track sales and conversions. Measure your site engagement goals against: threshold levels that you define.

Integrated with AdWords and AdSense
Optimize your AdWords performance with post-click data on your keywords, search queries, match type and more. AdSense reports show publishers which site content generates the most revenue.

Complete campaign tracking capabilities
Track email campaigns, banner ads, offline ads and more.

Ecommerce reporting
Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics, and identify your best revenue sources.

Mobile Tracking
Track mobile websites, mobile apps and web-enabled mobile devices, including both high end and non-javascript enabled phones.

Internal Site Search
Understand visitor intent, find out what your customers are really looking for and speed up time to conversion.

Find out whether your site usage metrics underperform or outperform those of your industry. Opt-in benchmarking compares your key metrics against aggregate performance metrics while preserving the confidentiality of your data.

Flash, video and social network application tracking
Track usage of your Ajax, Flash, social networking and Web 2.0 applications.

Advanced Analysis Tools
Perform advanced data analysis with pivot tables, multiple dimensions and filtering features.

Analysis Intelligence
Google Analytics monitors your reports and automatically alerts you of significant changes in data patterns.

Geo Targeting
Identify your most lucrative geographic markets.